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SPARK Art Fair Vienna 2022

Paul Horn at SPARK Art Fair 2022, Foto: Kurt Prinz

24-27. March 2022.

Paul Horn solo show

Venue: Marx Halle, Vienna

Paul Horn knows no bounds when it comes to the materials of his artworks - he uses water cycles that feed plants or change the indoor climate, surprising paintings, breathing objects, bathroom mirrors that reflect an old couple while encouraging viewers to take selfies. Always surprising and very much on the pulse of current issues.

The artist thus comes (unnoticed) very close to the viewers of his works. The virality of the (hidden) actualities does not leave us cold. And already one is part of Paul Horn's artworks: be it through the selfie trap, or as a playful user of the oversized buggy, where young and old queue up to be able to drive quite happily as well - and thus makes visible the social problem of refusing to grow up. In addition, or rather in connection with it, Paul Horn has been preoccupied for decades with the subject of climate change / global warming, which in his work also includes the dramatic depiction of natural disasters.

In his work, everything is connected, even the (kitschy) paintings that show beautiful large owls, which all hold little human beings in their beaks - they move the feeling of being human to the realization that we are only a small part of nature and the world. That makes one concerned.