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Csaba Nemes: Continuous Past, 1997, sch/w Foto, 40x60 cm

06. Sept.- 10. Nov. 2018



06. Sept. 2018, 7 Uhr



"I was on a residency program in the Netherlands in 1996, where I met a Dutch friend of mine, who had got a very nice small archive with many old photo albums. Here I found material on the local life from the ´50s and ´60s and I discovered a Hungarian book on the same period as well. I discovered, how similar the images from both countries were - sometimes almost the same (concerning the composition, the topic, the point of view, etc.).




Although the ideological backround of the photos were contrary, the visual trends of the age was more dominant, than the way of thinking in the Cold War.



I created pairs of photos from the similar images, putting them next to each other and I documented the result on photographs. This was the method, how the series was born."



Csaba Nemes