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William Corwin: Around Town, in Frieze, Issue 171, May 2015.


Dékei Kriszta: Horthy Miklós a CBA előtt - Nemes Csaba: Nem művészeti közeg

Magyar Narancs 2015/12.



Csaba Nemes: Not an Art Scene

Csaba Nemes: Frozen Assets - Above and Below 01, 2015, 70x50 cm, acryl/wood

February 12 - April 16., 2015

Csaba Nemes’ latest works, made after finishing the his Father’s Name series, are partly in connection with his exhibition in Rijeka and his stay in New York but also reflect on the local art scene.

His paintings depecting veritable figures and elements are imaginary and dynamic due to their montage technique, nonetheless, their structure frequently visualises balanced and prototypical constructions.

Beside, or rather instead of the historical and political figures valued as heroes and anti-heroes, the main characters of his pictures are vulnerable people who maintain the everyday.

The disproportion between the ones practicing the power and the others bearing the burdens cites the solutions of the fundamental readings of satiric literature as well as religious pictorial compositions. The structures built of horizontal layers and suggesting vertical motion refer to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Diego Rivera’s frescos and the works of contemporary artists susceptible to social situations, processes, using animation techniques. According to this, the titles of Nemes’ paintings indicate concrete connections as well, but the title of the exhibition points beyond them.

Ordinariness, subsidiary details, small events, theatricality and boredom are significant notions apropos of the mosaic-like texts of Frank Ankersmith and his mentality referring to historical experience. He evokes the maturation of his thinking in connection with a painting characterized by exactly these notions. According to his description, observing the painting „the feeling of unrealistic verisimilitude” emerges and the picture recalls the experience of getting into an authentic relationship with the past: as a consequence of Nemes’ unsettling world constructed from the history and the now, with the present as well.

Translated by Tímea Urbantsok